Privacy Policy

We are Proud Events Ltd and we also trade as Live Stock Brands. This document applies to everything related to Proud Events Ltd. 

We take the protection of your data seriously and make every reasonable effort to ensure it is safe and protected.

Why we collect data

There are a number of reasons we ask you to provide us with information that may include personal data or you opt to provide it to us:

  • To consider you for employment or volunteer opportunities and when you take up employment and volunteering offers
  • To consider you for the supply or goods or services to us or our clients and when we or our clients enter into agreements with you
  • As part of an enquiry or agreement to provide goods and services where you may provide us with details of third parties from who you have consent to share information
  • As part of the process to make and receive payments for goods and services
  • Because you provide us with information about yourself or company and ask us to keep in touch
  • From time to time there may be other reasons, but these will only ever be with your consent

Keeping your data secure

We keep data physically e.g. paper records and electronically within software systems and on devices such as laptops.

We assess all the places where data is stored to make sure they are appropriately secure for the data being held. We take steps to ensure passwords are used for protection and that these are strong and regularly changed. We also use systems to encrypt data and files and to have encryption active on devices.

We use services provided by third parties such as our HR and payroll systems. We have assured ourselves that these services that process your data for us are suitable and secure and that your data is not accessible to anyone who shouldn’t have access to it.

We will only hold your data for as long as is reasonable. For example: 

  • If you have been an employee, we will hold the information for the time required by HRMC but not after that; 
  • If you had asked us to keep in touch, we will contact you every three years asking you to confirm you wish to remain on the mailing list

Ensuring you are in control

We make every effort to keep your data safe, accurate and up to date. Where possible we provide you access to your data through an ‘account’ that you can manage and where we can ask you to go from time to time to add, update or delete your data.

If at anytime, you want to know what data we hold about you, where it is or have it changed or removed you can email with ‘Data Access Request’ in the subject and we will provide you with what you need.

Sharing your data with others

There are a number of reasons we will share your data with others but we will always tell you about this in advance and seek your consent.

Here are some of the most common reasons we will share your information (this is by no means an exhaustive list, just an illustration):

  • You become an employee and we need to provide your information to our payroll providers and HMRC. We will have informed you off this during the appointment process.
  • You are recruited by us to work on an event and we pass you name and contact details to other working on the event. We will have informed you as part of the recruitment process and will reconfirm prior to the information being passed to the event.
  • You are a supplier of goods or services and your contact details need to go into official event documentation that will be circulated to licensing authorities. We will have informed you as part of the information collection process.

When we share your data we do this by a secure method appropriate to the information being shared and its intended use.

For example we may share a link to a folder that contains information where we control access to the folder. In certain circumstances information is shared more openly, for example when there is a need to provide a name and contact details in an event document. We will always inform you and seek your consent.

Helping us be the best we can

We take every reasonable effort we can to protect your data, but we are also aware that you may have suggestions, ideas or have noticed things that we can do to improve. If you notice anything or have a suggestion you would like to make, please email with ‘Data Protection’ in the subject line.