First Experiences & First Lessons

Event professionals always say that to work in the event industry one has to be flexible, that the first lesson to be learned is that it doesn’t matter how well planned an event is, there are always last minute problems or changes to face on the day. Our first experience on site proved this once again.

Before I get into it, please meet me. My name is Silvia and I recently joined the team as an intern and Events Assistant here at Proud Events, along with Nuno, Project Assistant for Live Stock Brands. We’re both students at B|MM London and, even if we happen to be in the same class, this is the first time we get to work together.

Our first event experience with Proud was in collaboration with Adidas Football at their Tango League event held in Shoreditch on Wednesday the 22nd of February.

From a day spent in a warehouse sorting boxes to the big event on Wednesday, working with Adidas has been an incredible and invaluable experience. Not only because we had the chance to work with one of the coolest brands in the world but also because it was our very first experience working together as a team.

In short, our job was to organise small boxes – football boots – into larger boxes as prizes for each team playing at the event.

If this sounds simple to you, just try and imagine this: different boxes with different numbers and letters that all look surprisingly identical; add more numbers for the shoe sizes; add that you’ve been instructed to give the same model boots to all the players in a team with the correct sizes; add that you didn’t receive all the size info from the players and, finally, add the fact that the stock, although it appears endless in your eyes, is actually somehow very limited. To us, it felt like we were trying to crack the most complex code. But we did it, we planned and organised everything as best as we could and it turned out to be a lot more fun than either of us expected. In our heads, the job was over and done with perfect planning.

Right. Now, do you remember the beginning of this post? First lesson: last minute problems and changes. The next day, we arrived at the event to find out that some rules had changed and, as a consequence, part of that hard work became somewhat useless. Although some of the previous work paid off as it made the process a lot quicker, we had to crack that same code and organise the stock all over again.

So, this is for all the people taking their first steps in the event industry. Even when you think you’ve done your absolute best and organised everything ‘perfectly’, remind yourself that great planning doesn’t necessarily mean perfect event. And always, always, listen to other event professionals because – believe it or not – they kinda know what they’re talking about! J

Finally, I’ll leave you with a conclusive note on something else I personally learned from this experience. Although being organised and focused is great skill, being able to communicate and trust the people you work with is what will ultimately determine your success.

Until we meet again.


Better Together

January is a great time of year for a business and even more so for an outdoor events business like ours. It’s a time of year you can review the old and plan for the future, reach out to new clients or simply make that change to your operations you have been putting off for the last 4 months since the summer season ended.

After a successful, yet somewhat challenging, first year we welcomed in the New Year, a time to regroup and review our plans for 2017. However, that very quickly turned into a very busy with a new event, numerous tenders and an exciting new partnership with colleagues and friends Ice Blue Medical. Whilst all great news also challenging with a never-ending task list and new hurdles to overcome. We had to rely on each other’s skills and ability to share workload. Then it came to me, we’re better together.

Successful business is only successful when we work together. Our colleagues and partners, suppliers and clients and this is a policy we whole heartedly practice at Proud Events. We share each other’s opinions and knowledge to identify the best outcome, when one of the team is too busy we help them by offloading their workload. Now don’t get me wrong this is not always smiles and rainbows. Sometimes it is hard to take on extra work to help others. Sometimes it is hard to hear opinions that differ to your own. Ultimately thought we know this it is what makes us stronger.

This transfers into how we plan our events. At Proud we know what we are good at and that’s event management. Seeing the big picture and putting together the pieces to deliver experiences for our clients that are true to their vision. But what about the detail of the individual parts? The tech specs for the stage, the power requirements of the traders, the health & safety regulations. The list goes on. The truth is all the parts are equally important, not one person can do it alone and that’s why we collaborate. By working together we become stronger and it empowers all of us to deliver great events we feel part of. That’s what’s special about working in events, why else would we give up our summer to live in fields for 4 months?!

Here at Proud HQ we continue to develop projects that centre around this approach, our collaboration model still ticks on in the background and we are looking at an exciting new project with the UK Pride Organisers Network where we, Proud Events, are building a Pride Buyer’s Club. A platform where Pride organisations can come to us with their event management requirements and we can match them to quality suppliers who deliver, whilst passing back savings through economy of scale of the club and its members. Whilst in its early infancy it is an exciting development in the Proud journey, one that we feel passionate about, being able to give back to the Pride movement.

So instead of doing more exercise or giving up chocolate this new year why not adopt our approach to events and let’s work together, after all it’s better right? If you are interested in hearing more about the Buyer’s club and would like to be part of it get in touch at and let’s do business together for a cause that’s worth contributing to.

The Proud Team x