Festival Reflections

We’ve been immersing ourselves in all things Festival for the last part of this year’s summer season. It’s all great preparation for Scarborough Fair Festival taking place next May Bank Holiday weekend. Ben’s been appointed as Festival Manager and preparations are in full swing.

We were fortunate to be asked to work with the amazing Festival No 6 in beautiful Portmerion. What an incredible experience, not just getting the opportunity to work at the event, but we learnt so much about how to deliver a great festival experience.

No sooner had we finished at Festival No 6 than we were off to the Isle of Wight for Bestival. A whole different scale but again such an incredible experience. Don’t get us wrong we’ve been dong the festival circuit for decades but there’s so much more to focus on when you’ve got one of your own to deliver!

It’s easy to forget that your attendees give up to five days of their time for you to fill with fun, entertainment and the basic necessities of life, sleeping, washing and going to the loo! Both festivals worked so hard to ensure a great ‘customer experience’ and in so many different ways.

The ‘customer journey’ has always been at the centre of our events. Well designed sites, a stonking programme to keep people entertained, food and drink to keep people fed and watered are all essentials. But it’s those little details that can sometime really make the difference. Turning a bit of woodland into a crazy set of unexpected surprises or dressing an area with a strong theme really enhances people’s experience.

We’re building the team for Scarborough Fair Festival over the coming weeks. We have our first big supplier day soon and we’re looking for not just quality but for innovation and creativity. We think it’s going to be amazing and we’ll be letting you follow the story here and through our Twitter and Facebook feeds

2015 has been Proud Events first full year. It’s had its moments, some amazing and some challenging. Despite our years of experience every day has brought something new. We’ve done more than we had ever dreamed was possible, pushed ourselves to the limits and we’re still laughing and smiling (well just about anyway)! Follow our continuing story and get in touch info@prouudevents.co.uk