Ice Rink Anyone? It's 24c Outside!

As summer approaches and as the sun gets it's hat on here at Proud Events we're waking up the elves and grooming the reindeer. Christmas is a'coming!

Gone are the days when October heralded the end of the summer season and it was time to heal the blisters and take some well needed time off. Now summer festivals lead to winter wonderlands. The pace in the industry is relentless.

This year we hope to be adding temporary ice rinks to our portfolio of events (and yes Ben is still looking for someone to commission us to provide a dogem!).

If you're a local authority on the outskirts of a major city how depressing is it to see all you Christmas shoppers piling on to day trip coaches, taking their hard saved credit cards with them to spend in the big city? How do you keep that cash circulating in your local economy? 

You build yourself your own Christmas spectacular that's how! And while you're at why not give Proud Events a call and talk to us about helping you realise that dream?

But are ice rinks only for Christmas? Granted it makes keeping them icy easier, but with the systems we have access to it's possible to look at options throughout the year. They're also not just for long term Christmas events. Some of the systems can be set up for much shorter periods which makes them a viable option for shorter term sites.

So while you're out sunning yourselves spare a thought for what you may be wanting to do this Christmas. It's really not that long away!

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