Stepping Stones & Leaps of Faith

Proud Events has been a huge success story for us. Harry and I both left secure jobs to take a risk of developing a business that mixed our passions and professional skills and experience. In 2018 we were joined on the journey by Joe and Aisha. Both shared our vision for an event company that had the client at the heart of everything we did and quality and safety as key measures of our success.

Our growth, since small beginnings at the very end of 2014, has been significant and we hope that’s a testament to our ‘nice people to do business with’ approach to our work. In 2019 we hope to continue to deliver more events and work with more clients. That said we’ve never chased growth. We want the business to do well and deliver us a return that enables us to live comfortable lives. And allows us to make it up to our partners who sometimes sacrifice as much, if not more than we do.

Running a small business is never easy. There’s never enough time in the day to meet all the conflicting demands. As I type this we’re involved in pitching for 28 events for 2019; we’re making improvements to the business based on our experiences from 2018; we’ve just completed IOSH Managing Safely to further embed our safety culture; and of course we have our continuing clients from previous years who we are planning 2019 and beyond with.

For any business keeping all the plates spinning is a constant challenge. For SMEs like ours there’s a lot of plates and making sure they’re all spinning and not wobbling takes time, patience and a good deal of skill.

Our reputation and size means that each new opportunity, objective and desire requires a step change in the business and a careful balance to make sure that we keep delivering the quality and maintain the relationships the way we believe they should be.

There’s hard times and winter is no exception. For business like ours with a high promotion of outdoor work, winter can be a challenging period as the windfalls gathered through the summer months start to look depleted but the work load doesn’t decrease, it just changes it’s focus.

2019 looks like it could be an even more exciting year for us. if even half of what we’re looking at comes to pass the year will be full of new relationships and fascinating opportunities. It will require another big step and some leaps of faith.

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