Let the Festivities Commence

As the summer season eventually slides into the sunset and we think there may be some time to catch up on sleep, rediscover our families and friends and start on that list of DIY chores all of a sudden people are talking Christmas.

We are hoping to be able to make a very important announcement in the coming days. We’ve spent the last few months nurturing a new project over line which will keep us and a few of our favourite suppliers very busy in what can be a very quiet season for many event companies.

You’ll have to hold out for an announcement. Keep a close eye on our social media channels.

2018 has been another amazing year for Proud Events. We welcomed new clients Ultimate Boxxer, UK Black Pride and Pride Cymru (and one still to be announced!). We’ve worked harder and further afield than ever before. An our season has been longer than ever.

However, our far biggest change has been the amazing addition of Joe Sheals as a Partner and Aisha Francis as our Events Coordinator. What did we do before they joined?!

The addition of their skills, knowledge and experience has been an incredible addition to the business. It’s not been without challenges though. We’ve had to totally rethink the way we do business, share responsibilities and build on the strengths we each have.

We’ve continued a valuable tradition we started at the inception of Proud Events. The Directors took themselves away for a few days and took the year to pieces, examined each bit, worked out how to do it better then put it back together, stronger and better.

Harry is now our Managing Director, Joe our Director of Production and Ben leads on new business development. Aisha also takes on a key role managing all our community events and working with Harry across all our projects.

We learned one very valuable lesson in 2018. As a team we can do great things and that’s our approach for 2019. Building a great team around every client and every event. Working to our strengths and supporting each other on every project.

So we plan to go into 2019 riding on the crest of a wave (well maybe a snow drift). New energy, new approach, new clients and some great new challenges.

Bring on festivities!