Fun in the Sun

The festival season is in full swing and finally the sun is shining. The Proud Events team are on their travels round the UK delivering and supporting a variety of events.

We've been musing over how amazing it is that you bring together crews from so many different disciplines and suppliers to deliver amazing events.

There's something quite special about the events industry and the people who work in it, that bales us to come together and create these amazing experiences with so little time and with such cohesion. Collaboration in action.

Isn't it amazing how people are willing to just muck in and get stuff done, from sorting out overflowing bins, managing queuing cars in car parks, painting fencing to dealing with lost children and overly jolly adults!

However, we all know that what makes this all come together isn't just amazing people, it's good planning, good management and a collaborative approach, supporting both event organisers and event staff.

At Proud Events we're all about great planning, good management and all done collaboratively. It's at the centre of our company ethos and we wouldn't have it any other way.

If you're thinking about a new event of wanting to have a chat about building on your current event then why not get in touch? Contact us here