Inspirational creativity on a budget

Many of the Proud team earned our event wellies working on smaller community events. The dedication of all those 1,000s of volunteers up and down the UK setting aside their spare time to do something creative and meaningful in their community still inspires us. We always wanted to make sure that Proud never lost its connection to community events and they make up a good chunk of our business. 

The challenges are many but 'bugger all money' and 'bugger all time' tend to be big issues for community event organisers. So how do you make a little go a long way?

Here at Proud we're been developing our 3 Cs approach

Collaborate - We bring together event organisers and suppliers to work together with us to achieve economies of scale. Why contract one stage at a time when you can contract with one super for three stages for three events? Everyone's a winner! Supplier gets a pipeline of business and discounts. Event organisers get a better deal and better quality.

Commercialisation - Getting the most out of your event space and increasing your revenue is often something people neglect. And that's especially true of community events. Whether it be finding ways that sponsors can get involved or tendering a bar pitch instead of giving it to the local pub who don't really support you the rest of the year or redesigning a food concession area to improve footfall and spend, we've got lots of experience and ideas.

Creativity - The events industry is buzzing with talk about attendee experience. We've always wanted people to have an amazing time but the pressure is really on these days to be creative and different. The solutions are often simple, inexpensive and sometimes free. Ever walked on site to find loads of people with their faces painted or dressed up in fancy dress? Sometimes it's no more complex that asking your attendees to do something. But there's other great solutions too like reorientation your site, flags, bunting or a bit of additional stage dressing.

Here at Proud Events we've got loads of ideas and solutions and we're always willing to share them with you regardless of the size of scale of your event. Why not get in touch