Earn Cash Now - Thinking Differently About Building the Business

Getting the balance between sales, marketing, product development and actually doing the business can be a constant battle for time and resources. Doing more of one almost always means doing less of another and at a time when you need to be doing more of everything.

At Proud we’ve been looking for a little inspiration, involving some innovation and of course collaboration (see what we did there?)

On a more serious note we’ve been looking at how to expand our sales and marketing resources. We’re keen to do this in a way that is sustainable for us as a new and developing business, while tapping into new networks and creating opportunities for people we believe in and value (hence the inspiration, innovation and collaboration!).

We’ve been looking outside the events industry for inspiration. How do we promote our business with our ethos of collaboration without diluting the brand?

How do we build our business networks and intelligence in a massive and busy market sector where we are interested in a number of relative niche areas?

How do we incentivise sourcing appropriate events and brining them to Proud as viable and deliverable business leads?

We’ve drawn on a range of interesting and diverse examples to help us develop the model we’re in the process of launching.

Peer to peer sales and marketing is really at the heart of the model. Good people you trust who know good people that trust them who can act as brokers.

However to be an effective broker, when you’re probably already busy with your own priorities, requires a reasonable incentive. 

The solely commissioned based sales models we looked at didn’t seem to either be appropriate when you’re working with trusted friends and networks. There needed to be more ‘skin in the game’ and something that created a more direct relationship to the potential event.

So we’ve gone with a model that combines commission (10% of the production fee of any event secured) plus a primary freelancing role at a good market rate.

We think it’s a different approach for the events industry, but then is anything ever new? And we hope one that will push the business that bit further with the support of people we like to do business with.

If you’re interested in talking to us about joining the team or Proud supporting your event then get in touch business@proudevents.co.uk