Nice People to do Business With - Collaboration & Partnership

The most powerful collaborations are often the ones closest to home. Proud Events is built on some pretty powerful relationships. We are friends who are passionate about working together and who share a vision to deliver amazing events built on real partnerships. 

Although we’ve all worked in events for years, Proud is a new venture for us. We bring our knowledge, skills and experience to Proud but where collaboration really delivers is on our ability to recognise each other’s strengths and weaknesses and fundamentally our support and commitments for each other.

That ethos is central to how we do business at Proud. Our relationships with clients, partners and suppliers are all key to our brand. We want to be ‘nice people to do business with’. 

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not proposing a Proud Love Fest (although if you want us to create one for you, get in touch But collaboration born out of mutual respect and a shared vision really is a powerful delivery tool in a highly competitive and challenging industry.

We’ve built lots of really amazing relationships over the years and gained many friends. What’s been so positive over the last few months is that, as we’ve started work towards filling our programme for 2015 and 2016, just how many of those relationships are already looking like powerful new collaborations.
We hope to be able to announce at least one of a few regional collaborations we’ve been working on later this spring or early summer, bringing together like-minded event producers and suppliers to work collaboratively on events. Hopefully this is the start of something much bigger that will grow and develop with Proud over the coming months and years.

Ben is preparing to head off to Event Buyers Live tonight (@eventbuyerslive) to start building a whole new set of relationships and saying hi to a few old collaborators. It should be a great and exciting time and give us new partners to play with and a few names to promote through the ‘People We Like To Do Business With’ section of our website we’ll be launching shortly.
As ever if you want to collaborate with us get in touch or email us