An International View of Sharing, Caring and Being Local

It's been a busy few weeks for the team at Proud Events. Andy has been perfoming at Spring Festival in the Souq Waqif in Doha. Ben has been off in Paris for a bit of work but mainly some down time after a crazy few months. But we've been keeping up to date with all things Proud and looking for new collaboration opportunities.

Although we've all worked together, Proud Events is our new collabration. We're building our skills and expertise into what we plan to be an amazing events enterprise, both promoting and producing events. We've chosen a very deliberate path though. We want this to be a collabrative effort. Not just between ourselves but also everyone we work with.

We combine our many years of professional events expertise with 1,000s of hours providing voluntary support to a whole range of incredible community events that showcase achievements, challenges and creativity. We never cease to be amazed by the time and resources people are willing to dedicate to create incredible experiences for others.

So many voluntary and professional promoters put so much time and energy into their own events they don't find the time to work together. We've been involved with so many event organisers that are brilliant but have to do so much work on their own. And we know there are other producers in nearby towns and cities doing pretty much the same thing.

Take volunteering as just one example. We know of at least eight events within 80 miles of one another that all rely on volunteers to make them happen, both in the planning and delivery. They happen throughout the summer season and we know that some of the volunteers work on more than one of these events. Many of those volunteers would be happy to work on more if they had the right information.

Imagine the resources for eight recruitment drives, eight training programmes, eight communication campiagns, eight lots of volunteer equipment. With a bit of support from Proud Events we think we could reduce this to one recruitment drive, one training programme, one communications campaign. And each promoter would still be in charge of their volunteers, their messages and their event.

Volunteers are just one area. At Proud Events we bring our experience of years in the public and not for profits sectors delivering just these kind of collaborations with suppliers for all types of crucial goods and services.

We've used it to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and to get better quality. And we've also done it to support small local businesses. Sometimes it's the larger volume and the commitment to regular business that gives small local suppliers the confidence to get on board. We aim to keep the bidding process simple and transparent and seek to build log term relationships with promoters, producers and suppliers.

Why not get in touch to see what we can do for you? We're always happy to talk