Success - a dish best served hot!

Do we celebrate our successes enough?

It's awards time! 2015 has been a year of amazing achievements. Some of the best festivals ever, beautiful design, innovative production, accessible tech and loos to be proud of. All deserve their recognition.

But what about all the little things that we achieve all the time. Is there a strong culture of marking these achievements in our industry? 

Let's face it most of the year can be pretty relentless. All these achievements are built on hard graft and a fair few knock backs. We all know them: The proposals you worked on for days that didn't hit the mark; the new client you nurtured for months who went with someone else; the budget getting cut; the supplier letting you down.

But amongst all this there are many little successes: The new commission, recommendation, new client; extended budget. Or it may be that one Twitter comment after an event saying 'we had an amazing time'. They are the food that keeps us going through the tough times.

They don't require much recognition, may be a 'well done' or a pint or celebratory meal. But it's all too easy to let them slip by and once the moment's gone it's gone. 

At Proud Events we like to think we've got the balance right. Lots of hard work but lots of recognition of all the small things that get achieved. Come and be part of a positive culture. Why not Talk to Us and let us celebrate success together!