Collaboration, Trust & Volunteering

We've focussed on collaboration in our last couple of blogs. Here at Proud Events we believe collaboration is the way ahead.

We're actively seeking event organisers and promoters who are willing to work with us to form new, innovative collaborations. We're also looking for suppliers who are willing to collaborate across events, driving up quality and down on costs.

'Buying clubs' and 'supplier frameworks' are not new concepts. They work well in many sectors, not least the public sector where we have a lot of experience. However, it's not a widespread approach in the events industry. We think that may be due to a number of factors including time, resources, capacity and knowledge.

We also think that trust is a key factor. Promoters, organisers and suppliers alike worry about their commercial interests and control. Sponsorship agreements often contribute to this with confidentiality criteria and exclusivity clauses.

So how do you establish trust and build confidence? We think in two ways: Provide evidence it works; start small and build reputation.

Ok so we're not asking you to read a bunch of academic papers! You have to 'trust' that we've done that (here's a couple of links if you're interested link 1 and link 2). But it's not rocket science and there's good evidence to support what we're saying.

If you combine 'good personal relationships' with 'competent organisers and suppliers' you get trust. And what does trust lead to? Prizes! And these prizes are 'market growth', 'improved financial performance' and critically 'rising customer satisfaction'. What's not to like about that?

So how do we get there? At Proud Events we're spending 2015 doing two things. Working with organisers and promoters to start to build some buying clubs and collaborative agreements. We're focussing on the South West and North but open to discussions with anyone. We're also building a network of suppliers who want to collaborate. If you're interested get in touch via our Partner? form 

One other area we're starting to explore builds on our experience of training, developing, managing and working with volunteers. Volunteers often love events. It's not uncommon for volunteers to work across a number of events and this continues to grow on the legacy of the 2012 Games Makers.

Providing volunteers with an amazing experience, good training and support and maximising the contribution they make to an event takes time and resources. It strikes us that this is an area with amazing potential for collaboration. We'll be making this the key theme of our next blog.

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