Better value and better quality - what's not to like?

At Proud Events we believe greater collaboration is the key to delivering even better quality while keeping costs down.

Take four outdoor events happening across the summer months. They all have a number of requirements in common: Security and stewarding; marquees and market stalls; staging with lighting and sound systems; power; toilets; etc.

With Proud Events planning and managing each of these events it’s possible to combine the requirements for each and offer to the supplier market a more attractive sets of proposals than procuring each individually.

Suppliers’ benefit from only having to bid once instead of four times, a guarantee of business over a period during the summer and crucially a more significant contract value. If we're able to offer this on a longer term agreement that's better still.

In return Proud Events is able to drive considerable efficiencies as we’re only dealing with one procurement process, one set of contracts that makes it more efficient and reduces our costs. We’re also able to drive more significant discounts that we can use to offset our costs, ideally making our involvement cost neutral, and being able to pass back cost savings.

There is the benefit that by putting a larger value proposal out to tender you will also attract better quality. Something we know promoters and event attendees are always looking for.

Collaboration can be tricky. It takes trust and confidence in the process, but crucially event promoters must feel they aren't constrained by the arrangements and that they have flexibility to change their plans and requirements.

This is where Proud Events come into their own. We've been putting these types of collaborative arrangements in place for years across the events industry and also in our time in the public and not for profit sectors.

Are you an event promoter looking to drive greater up quality and efficiency or a supplier interesting in working collaboratively? Why not drop us an email and we'll get straight back to you.