Collaboration - Our Theme for 2015

As the fireworks fade and many of our fellow event professionals finally get to bed after New Years Eve extravaganzas across the UK we've been talking collaboration.

So many of the small to medium sized events we know are looking for ways to drive up quality and attendee experience while keeping costs as low as possible. We think collaboration is the key.

At Proud we've been looking at some models that we know work well but are not widely used in the events business like preferred supplier frameworks, buying clubs and group contracts to name a few.

Most people seem to assume it's competition and commercial sensitivities that prevent this type of collaboration from happening widely in events. We take a different view. Our experience from promoters and producers we've worked with is it's all about time and confidence.

So many promoters have to spin so many plates to deliver their own events that however much they'd like to collaborate they simply don't have the capacity to do it. That's where Proud plans to provide a solution.

During 2015 we'll be looking for events that have similar requirements, let's face it everyone needs bars, food and toilets, and use our knowledge, skills and experience to bring together a range of contracting arrangements that combine the purchasing power across these events to drive up quality and drive down costs.

If you'd like to talk to us about how we can help you collaborate on your event get in touch using our contact form. If you're a supplier who is willing to discuss collaboration across events use of partner form to get in touch.

Happy 2015 - we look forward to working with you