Collaboration is at the centre of how we do business. It’s more than just doing business together. It’s our way of making 2 + 2 = 22 instead of 4 and bringing mutual collaborative benefits to everyone involved. 

We bring together the people we know and respect to collaborate on projects. This includes event organisers to collaborate on deals with suppliers and collaborating with suppliers to bring event organisers quality and great value.

Quality - Our reputation is based on the quality of the service we deliver to you and the experience of your event goers and sponsors. We want the quality of our service to shine through at every stage, from our initial engagement, throughout our collaboration right up to the post event review.

Value - 'Bang for your buck' is as important as ever and we aim to deliver the best event your budget can afford. We take efficiency seriously and will use our experience to drive out unnecessary costs. We will also add value through our connections and collaborations to maximize your purchasing power.

Communication - We will ensure we provide you with the right information, at the right time and in the right way so you're always informed and in control. We have years of experience delivering large, complex collaborations and projects with lots of partners and we'll bring this experience to you when working to deliver your events.

Safety – The ultimate test in collaboration and trust. We place the greatest priority on safety and we work with some of the best safety advisors in the industry. We'll do everything we can to reduce risk so your event goers and sponsors can focus on having a great time.

Time - We meet so many organisers who can't find time to build their brand, their community base or attract new sponsors.  One of our aims is to help you get that time back and maybe even provide you with some extra support or a link to our collaborators who can help.